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Monika Ermert. Siemens buys holding in European search engine Quaero. Heise News. February 3, 2006.

Siemens buys holding in European search engine Quaero.

At the "Searching and Finding in the Internet" conference hosted by the Münchner Kreis, it was announced yesterday that Siemens had joined as a project partner for the planned European search engine Quaero last week after the initial talks with Germany's Economics Ministry. The division of Corporate Technology will be handling the project. The other partners still being discussed are Bertelsmann and SAP now that Deutsche Telekom has pulled out, according to insiders partly because the search engine will compete with Google, one of T-Online's partners.

According to a representative of the Economics Ministry, further talks will be taking place soon. It is not yet clear how much money the investors are willing to spend. But the standards are high: Google spent 7.5 million US dollars on one lab with 10 students, which is "more than some of our universities have over here," as Hendrik Speck, computer science professor at the University of Kaiserlautern, put it at the conference. (Monika Ermert) / (Craig Morris) / (anw/c't)


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